You Can Help Lots of Veterans In Many Ways By Donating

Can you imagine…

  • Going to war to protect our way of life?
  • Losing your arms or legs because of an IED explosion?
  • An IED explosion jolts your brain so hard that you get a Traumatic Brain Injury?
  • The haunting memory of a little girl walking toward you, trying to tell you that her mommy strapped a bomb to her, then she blows up?

Then you come home to…

  • Find out that, even though you lost your arms or legs, it’s not considered a combat injury. According to the government, you were not in a combat zone. Therefore, You do not qualify for benefits.
  • Many tests and doctor’s appointments just to get a diagnosis. With 2-6 months in between every appointment and test, taking years for your diagnosis.
  • The inability to get a job because all you have are military skills. You can’t pay your bills, feed your family or yourself.

Homeless with injuries

  • Living on the streets, ignored by the government and the very people you fought for.
  • Abused by the predators on the streets.
  • Herd like cattle, to constantly move, because city ordinances don’t allow you to sit, stand or sleep in public areas.

The majority of homeless Veterans are in large metropolitan areas. Due to city loitering ordinances, the  Veterans are herd like cattle to continuously move. And newly enacted nationwide city ordinances, now ban the feeding of homeless people in the streets or any public area. Yes, you can be fined and get up to 1 year in jail, for feeding a homeless person in any public area!

Government wide efforts to help homeless Veterans, through the distribution of 2,000 HUD-VASH vouchers, have only pulled 2,000 individuals off the streets in 2015. In September 2016 only 2,000 more HUD-VASH vouchers were released. Leaving 46,000 Homeless Veterans to fend for themselves. 

How would it feel to be able to walk up to a homeless Veteran and say “I’m going to change your life!”? As tears roll down their face and he says “Thank you for your kindness!” And he looks at his family and says “Everything’s going to be ok! This kind person is going to help us!” Then suddenly his children run up to you and wrap their arms around your legs, look up at you and say “Thank You!” as their smiles engulf your heart with happiness.

We have created a unique One-of-a-kind Program for Veterans, called “The Barracks”. A military style transitional housing complex. That can rescue 100 Veterans at a time. This familiar environment can bring back Discipline, Order and Organization to Veterans lives. Creating a sense of dignity and self-worth.

We need your help raising the funds to build “The Barracks”.

Our programs can give the Veterans a familiar safe haven, and curative medical treatments, while they acquire the necessary skills to take the journey down the Stepping Stones To A New Beginning.  

Your Donations are for…

Anyone can be a volunteer

Volunteers can organize their own fundraising event, to benefit Veterans through
Collect, cook, serve or distribute food, clothing, blankets and toiletries.
Assist in renovations or build homes.
Transport a Veteran to their doctors appointments.


become a volunteer

Transforming Veterans Lives

When you help us prepare nutritional meals in the our kitchens. Or when you deliver food, water, blankets and clothing to needy Veterans and their families. Or when you help us collect food, blankets, clothing and toiletries. You will encounter many Veterans with tearful smiling faces. Tears of happiness, knowing that you really do care. Join us in the battle against Veterans hunger.

When we have an empty lot and you help us build a home or multi unit complex from the ground up. Or when you help us renovate a home. Or when you help us furnish a home. You are not just putting a roof over the Veterans head. You are giving the Veteran a bed to sleep in, a shower to bath in, a kitchen to cook in, a table to eat at and a sofa to relax on. We are giving our “Invisible Americans”, our Veterans, back their lives with the opportunity to succeed by building a solid foundation for the Veteran’s future. Join us to build a future for our Veterans.

The newest most cutting edge medical treatments, such as Stem Cells, A2M, Oxygen and Ozone therapies are curative treatments in medicine. Which are available to Veterans through our services. For instance, Ozone (O3) kills cancer, bacteria, viruses and parasites on contact. Ozone and Oxygen therapies are helping many Veterans in many different ways, including PTSD and TBI. Stem Cell therapy is making it possible for some Veterans to use limbs that previously did not function. Veterans that have not received prosthetics from the VA, will receive their prosthetics through our services. Our Veterans have suffered long enough. Our Veterans cannot wait on the “VA Health Monitors!”Join us in helping our Veterans obtain great health and stability.

How Can You Help?


Our #1 Priority at is to Save Our Veterans from Hunger, Homelessness and Disease. Our primary function is to eliminate Homelessness and Sickness of our Veterans. Our Veterans fought for our freedom. Now it's time for us to fight for their freedom from homelessness and sickness.

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Your donations make it possible for us to help lots of Veterans in so many ways. Which alleviates the torturous life that they endure on the streets of our country, as the expendable forgotten hero's. Please donate to Save A Veterans Life because ``Veterans Lives Matter Too``.

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Become a Volunteer

Our Volunteers are a very important part of our success in changing our Veterans lives. From the plight of poverty and sickness to a productive member of society, able and happy to partake in the joys of life. With a future to look forward to. Become a Volunteer to Change the Lives of our Veterans.

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