Hurricane Harvey Texas Relief Fund


Hurricane Harvey’s catastrophic flooding caused widespread damage, resulting in 1000’s of people being driven from their homes with just the shirts on their backs and their children and pets in their arms. Survivors cleaned up and have no choice but to camp inside their damaged homes. Many who had no insurance. Texas survivors need our help to make home repairs.

1000’s of homes were damaged and many have been demo’d. Homeowners have no choice but to camp in their homes. Average cost of repairs estimated at $45,000-50,000 per household. Due to this natural catastrophe these homeowners have lost almost everything, faced with the financial inability to pick up the pieces, desperately needing your help.

Your donations make it possible for us to assist homeowners by supplying building materials such as roofing, lumber, drywall, plumbing pipe, electrical wiring, flooring, ect. There are many volunteers qualified to make the repairs. Through these efforts we continue to help homeowners repair their homes and get back to a normal life once again.

Through your continued support, we are turning their cries into smiles. Our long-term support will continue to assist our fellow neighbors in their time of need, one by one, while they pick up the pieces and rebuild their lives! God Bless Texas!



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Hurricane Harvey Texas Relief Fund

Michael’s Prolozone Testimonial

Michael’s Ozone Treatment

Michael Pakech has suffered with debilitating neck and back pain for 11 years. The VA diagnosed Michael with Degenerative Disc Disease of the Cervical and Lumbar Spine in 2005. The VA has never addressed the root cause of Michael’s acute pain, they are simply running tests and watching the progression of the disease.” VA ” simply…”Health Monitors!” set up an appointment with Beth Ledda, a Regenerative Medical Professional specializing in Ozone Therapies. Michael was the perfect candidate for Prolozone Therapy.  Michael was hunched over in agonizing pain, while slowly hobbling into the Integrative Healthcare Solutions office. Beth Ledda performed Prolozone Therapy on Michael’s neck and lower back. The Prolozone Therapy immediately eliminated all of Michael’s pain after 11 years of constant debilitating pain. When Michael left Beth’s office, he was walking upright with a spring in his step and a huge smile of his face. Michael said “I had no idea I could feel so good after 11 years of pain! Beth gave me my life back!”
Watch the video to see Michael’s emotional reaction to curative Prolozone Therapy!
Please donate to help injured Veterans just like Michael!

Sign this petition for our Vets
This petition was inspired by this Veterans struggle to get the life-saving curative Regenerative Treatments that he needed so desperately. The VA does not pay for and cannot perform Regenerative  Medical  Treatments. This petition is A Call-to-Action, due to the fact that the VA Medical Centers are not trained or equipped to deliver these life-saving treatments, which our Veterans deserve.
Our Veterans need these curative treatments Today, not 20 years from now!
Our petition Requires Congress, the VA Secretary, and the President of the US to Implement and Sign Into Law the “Veterans Lives Matter Too” Act. For the Purpose of Life-Saving Regenerative Medical Treatments, Outside the VA. For Veterans and Military Service Members.


Watch the video of Michael’s Life Changing Experience With Regenerative Medicine!
Please sign the petition for our Veterans!