Food Partners

Portrait Of Kitchen Staff In Homeless Shelter
Asking grocery stores, discount grocery stores, bulk food suppliers, food manufacturers, restaurants, churches, schools, other organizations and individuals to donate food and water. Please join us in the fight against our homeless Veterans plight of living on the streets of our country. Homeless Veterans are in need of food and water. Our Food Partners and Volunteers work together to assure that our homeless Veterans get the nutrition they need to survive the streets. No Veteran should ever go hungry!
We need your help! There are thousands of homeless Veterans all over our country. We need more locations and food to serve our homeless Veterans. With the help of our Food Partners and Volunteers, we prepare and serve nutritious meals in a set location. We also search for the Veterans that are on the other side of town and cannot travel so far. We give them a nutritious sack lunch and water.

Homeless Vet gets survival pack
As we search the streets we find that every homeless Veteran needs food. The immediate need for food brought us to a point where we needed a care package. That’s when we created our Survival Pack. We have been handing out survival packs that include a $65 Walmart gift card which will supply 30 days of food, along with a blanket, hat and gloves. We need more donations so that we can continue handing out Survival Packs. Please Give Today!