More than 13,800 homeless Veterans will die this winter but you can change that!

What would happen if you were a homeless Veteran due to no fault of your own with no food or water? Severe hunger pains and dehydration begins the first day. The first night without food or water is brutal. Your core body temperature starts dropping. Second day your core body temperature is dangerously low. No blanket to even stay warm with. You’re so cold you can’t stop shaking. Third day your life is at risk. You wonder, will I survive the night? Chances are you will freeze to death like a human popsicle before the sun comes up! 38 homeless Veterans die every day.

There are over 46,000 homeless Veterans roaming the streets of America begging for help. They are herd like cattle to continuously move, due to city loitering ordinances – no sitting, standing, camping or sleeping in public areas. Newly enacted bans on feeding homeless people in public areas has caused a much higher rate of deaths due to starvation caused by controlled feeding city ordinances. You can get a fine and 1 year in jail for feeding a homeless person in a public area.

YouTube video of a 90 year old man getting arrested for feeding the homeless!

The SavingOurVets Winter Survival Packs are the solution to these genocidal city ordinances. Now that it is illegal to hand a homeless person any kind of food substance, we have found that these Survival Packs are in very high demand. The SavingOurVets Winter Survival Pack includes a WalMart Gift Card with enough money on it to get 30 days of food to eat, essentials such as shoes, socks, underwear & toiletries. Along with the gift card for food we also include a 62″ x 80″ heavy wool blanket for the most extreme weather, warm knit hat and Subzero gloves so they can stay warm even in the harshest winter conditions. Every homeless Veteran needs the survival packs.

30% of all homeless people die annually. That means that 13,800 homeless Veterans will die this year without food and warm clothing. SavingOurVets Winter Survival Packs help 1,000’s of homeless Veterans Survive! Homeless Veterans need your help. Donate to save a Veterans life through our GlobalGiving fundraiser for homeless Veterans Survival Packs.  

The American Homeless Families Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit committed to feeding homeless Veterans. Food and warm clothing are essential for survival during a time when shelter has become a grave situation. Through the Gift of Giving our exclusive SavingOurVets Winter Survival packs to homeless Veterans, you give each Veteran food for 30 days and winter clothes to stay warm. By supplying a full month of food and warmth, we are greatly impacting survival rates of homeless Veterans in our communities.

Want to help homeless Veterans Survive? Make a difference in a homeless Veterans life. Donate Today at our fundraiser on  #vetssurvivalpacks  your donation is tax deductible.

Help us spread the word…share  #vetssurvivalpacks with all your family and friends. Ask them to donate to save the life of a homeless Veteran and share with their family and friends.

We couldn’t do this without you! It’s people like you that make a difference in homeless Veterans lives! Donate Today at our fundraiser on Facebook: #vetssurvivalpacks

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Join us at Saving Our Vets, we are helping our homeless Veterans. Donate today at


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