Homes for Veterans

Cheerful couple standing in front of new house.
Our building crews and volunteers are renovating old buildings and warehouses for transitional housing. Transitional housing is the 1st step in the process of permanently housing our Veterans. Homeless Veterans are placed in transitional housing – “The Barracks”, which accommodates up to 100 Veterans. “The Barracks” are tailored in the military fashion that our Veterans are accustomed to. With these familiar surroundings, the transition from the streets becomes much easier for them to endure. As we place Veterans in permanent housing, we bring more Veterans off the streets and place them in our transitional housing – “The Barracks”. Veterans with families have separate quarters. This is the 1st step to a New Beginning for each Veteran and their families. Are you or do you know, a homeless Veteran in need of housing? Please sign up for services.
workers framing a house
As reported by the Department of Housing and Urban Development, 2,000 homeless Veterans were placed in housing in 2015. Leaving a total of 48,000 Veterans homeless on the streets in 2015. Only 2,000 HUD-VASH vouchures were allocated nationwide for homeless Veterans in 2015. On September 9, 2016, 2,000 more HUD-VASH vouchures will be allocated nationwide for homeless Veterans for the year 2016. This will bring the annual point-in-count of homeless Veterans to about 46,000 still starving on the streets of our great country. This is unacceptable! Therefore, it is necessary for us to step in and build housing for our homeless Veterans. Our crews and volunteers are building permanent housing for our homeless Veterans. We include Highly Efficient appliances to ensure low power bills. Are you or do you know, a homeless Veteran in need of housing? Please sign up for services.
little girl holding american flag badge in front of parents
Nationwide our homeless Veterans and their families are suffering the hardship of living on the streets. Our Veterans fought for our way of life and the freedoms we enjoy. Our Veterans families willingly sacrificed precious time with their loved one. It is unacceptable to allow these courageous citizens to suffer as they do! Our housing services are getting these Veterans and their families off the streets through our transitional housing “The Barracks” and family quarters. Then placing them in permanent housing built by our crews. Yet, our services do not stop there. We assist our Vets in the process of getting job training. As well as, medical treatments and prosthetics for our injured or sick Veterans. A healthy Veteran with job training and permanent housing creates a solid foundation for our Veterans to succeed in life, as productive citizens in society, ready and willing to partake in the joys of life. Are you or do you know, a homeless Veteran in need of housing? Please sign up for services.