Human kindness fighting Veteran Homelessness

About one-third of homeless veterans were stationed in a war zone at some time. Two-thirds of homeless vets served their country for at least three years.

Poverty, lack of support from groups or networks, and substandard housing put about 1.4 million veterans at risk for homelessness.

Over 40,000 homeless Veterans are still living on the streets of our country.

More than 40,000 homeless vets receive compensation or pension benefits each month, but that’s not enough to find affordable housing, according to the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans. Many vets have skills learned through the military that are not applicable for occupations in civilian life.

Returning veterans are twice as likely to become chronically homeless as other Americans, according to Veterans Inc. Women veterans are four times as likely to become homeless as male veterans.

We continue to fight for the right of housing for homeless Veterans…Here are our latest success stories!

Meet Steven, an Afghanistan Veteran, that has been homeless for over a year now. After giving Steven a survival pack we found out that Steven is a card carrying Journeyman Plumber. And he just acquired a job but he doesn’t start until Monday, which is 3 days away.

Since Steven had a job, he has a very good chance of ending his homelessness permanently. We went to work looking for a furnished studio apartment for him. The apartment needs to be close to public transportation. We found The Arroyo Apartments and they offered the first month free to help the Veteran get on his feet.

We immediately paid the deposit and put the electric in Steven’s name. Then we took Steven to the Goodwill store for clothes, towels, linen and cooking utensils. On the way back to the apartment, we stopped at Walmart and picked up food and toiletries. Combined with the survival pack, Steven is in good shape until he gets his first paycheck.

When we dropped Steven off at his new home, he had tears rolling down his face as he said “Thank You for giving me my life back! Thank God for SavingOurVets!”

This is a photo of Steven’s new studio apartment.

Chelle and Franklin Thank You!

Michelle and Franklin Howard of Cedar Park, Texas, were just 2 days away from being homeless when Michelle contacted us for help. Michelle is a disabled Marine Veteran. Her husband, Franklin, had been out of work due to knee surgery. This caused a financial hardship. Unable to pay their rent and facing physical eviction in 2 days.

Michelle had been in touch with the Veterans Affairs Supportive Services for Veteran Families. Her case worker told her that they may be able to help her in 2 weeks, if she qualifies. Michelle’s disability compensation is only $133.17 every month. Franklin had been out of work with knee surgery for 6 weeks. He doesn’t go back to work for another week and won’t receive a paycheck for 2 weeks.

Through paying this one month of rent for Michelle and Franklin we have stopped their plight into homelessness and the Howard’s will be back on their feet again.

Michelle and Franklin sent a thank you video please view their video…

Without love of country and mankind, Americans would be doomed.

In the last 6 weeks our country has endure a lot…Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Maria and now the Las Vegas massacre. Americans have shown their passion for our people. We will risk our lives to save others. This is an amazing trait…Human kindness. We would not be who we are without it. As our country comes together, our morals define us as a strong devote nation!

Join us in the fight against Veteran homelessness.

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