Medical Partners

Rosanne and Cathy
Rosanne Clemente and Cathy Vernino are Patient Care Specialists in the Regenerative Medical Industry, has an extensive network of doctors and dentists in the Regenerative Medical field. Qualified doctors and dentists are happy to agree to lower the cost of treatments for our injured and sick Veterans. With hundreds of doctors and dentists nationwide, our Veterans are receiving the medical treatments that they so desperately need. Creating healthy Veterans that are becoming productive citizens, ready, willing and able to enjoy life once again.

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Dr. Carolyn Kochert,, is one of thousands of doctors in the Regenerative Medical Industry. Board-Certified in both American Board of Pain Medicine and American Board of Anesthesiology. Specializing in Stem Cell Therapy, A2M (Alpha2Macroglobulin), Prolotherapy, PTSD Therapy and much more. Dr. Kochert performed Veteran A2M and Stem Cell Therapy on a Veteran that was told by the VA Medical Center Specialist 2 years ago, “There’s too much damage! There’s nothing I can do to give you your arm back!” Dr. Kochert performed these procedures 8 months ago. The Veteran is now able to lift his arm up to just below his chest and still has 4 months until full regeneration. Advanced Medical Therapies are repairing damaged tissues and organs. Doctors in the Regenerative Medical field are restoring our injured Veterans lives.
Martha Elizabeth (Beth) Ledda, ACNP-BC,, is another one of the many Regenerative Medical Professionals. Certified by Dr. Frank Shallenberger and specializing in Ozone Therapies. These therapies have a very favorable effect on auto-immune diseases, cancer, arthritis, infectious diseases, inflammatory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, chronic and acute pain. Ozone therapies are entirely safe, completely non-toxic and inexpensive. One of our Veterans slowly hobbled into Beth’s office with constant agonizing pain in his neck and lower back. Beth performed Prolozone Treatment on the Veteran. That Veteran walked out of her office like a normal human being, upright, pain free with tears of joy. He said “I had no idea I could feel so good after 11 years of constant pain! Beth gave me my life back!”