Survival Packs

Close-up of homeless male face covered with frost
38 homeless Veterans die every day, 1 Vet every 38 minutes.¬†Nationally there are 46,000 homeless Veterans roaming the streets begging for help. These homeless Veterans are herd like cattle to continuously move, due to city loitering ordinances – no sitting, standing, camping or sleeping in public areas. Newly enacted bans on feeding homeless people in public areas has caused a much higher percentage rate of deaths due to starvation caused by controlled feeding city ordinances. SavingOurVets Winter Survival Packs can help 1,000’s of homeless Veterans Survive!
Every homeless Vet that receives the survival pack gets the necessary supplies to survive winter. SavingOurVets Winter Survival Packs supply each homeless Veteran with a WalMart Gift Card for food and essentials for 30 days, a 62″ x 80″ heavy wool blanket for extreme climates, a knit hat and Subzero gloves in order to stay warm. Every homeless Veteran that receives the SavingOurVets Winter Survival Pack will survive even the harshest winter conditions. From all over America, SavingOurVets Winter Survival Packs help homeless Veterans survive these inhumane conditions.
frozen woman portrait
Our Veterans fought for our way of life. Yet our government threw them into the streets & forgot about our heroes. Nationally 30% of homeless people die from starvation and weather conditions, that is 13,800 homeless Veteran deaths annually. By alleviating hunger and clothing issues, Veterans are able to survive homelessness. Through the Gift of Giving the SavingOurVets Winter Survival Packs, you are giving homeless Veterans the chance to survive, even the harshest winter conditions. SavingOurVets Winter Survival Packs greatly impact homeless Veterans survival rates in our American communities