The last 42 days

Kindness is in the heart, it’s free to give…give more…

In the last 6 weeks our nation has gone through Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria, and the largest mass shooting in US history. The devastation that our nation has endured in the last 42 days has truly been catastrophic, to say the least. Yet, even in the midst of total chaos, the American people, without hesitation step up to help people in need. It’s that instinct to save lives, even if your own life is in jeopardy, that drives every one of us during times like these.

Life is precious

Our pets save lives too

Even faced with violence

Americans are peaceful loving people but Do Not threaten us!

Some little boys don’t know how to play nice in the sandbox, so it’s up to the big boys to teach them…

Raised in a middle class family and as a young adult raised my own children in a middle class family. One of the most important lessons I taught my children was “You have the right to defend yourself. Never start a fight or cower, always stand up and defend yourself!” I believe this is a key moral value that most Americans share. Comment below if you believe in your right to defend yourself.


In the meantime, we are continuing the Hurricane Harvey Texas Relief Fund for long-term recovery efforts to rebuild homes in Texas donate today.

Hurricane Harvey Texas Relief Fund

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