US Government spends money on duck mating research and ignores Homeless Veterans!

Proof! Our Government Wastes Our Money and doesn’t care about people!

$384,949.00 to study Duck Genitalia?

Yale University awarded $384,949.00 for research which involves examining and measuring the reproductive organs of male ducks. $384,949 that should have been spent on our Homeless Veterans!
“Sexual Conflict, Social Behavior and the Evolution of Waterfowl Genitalia.

$402,491.00 to study the sexuality of NakedMole-Rats?

University of Massachusetts awarded $402,491.00 for research of Sexual Differentiation of Eusocial Mammals. This involves the study of the development of in the brain and spinal cord of the highly social species known as the naked mole-rat.

$337,709.00 to study reproductive development of Lemurs?

Duke University awarded $337,709.00 for research of thePatterns of Lemur Reproductive and Behavioral Development. Which involves the study of hormones which implicates the sexual differentiation, reproductive development and social behavior.

$363,820.00 to study sexual dimorphism of Stalk-Eyed Flies?

University of Maryland College Park awarded $363,820.00 for research of Genomic Analysis of Dimorphism in Stalk-Eyed Flies. Which involves the study of the head shape of the stalk-eyed fly because this trait can exhibit extreme sexual dimorphism. Comparing closely related species with or without dimorphic eyestalks.

$607,990.00 to study mate choice in BrownAnole Lizards?

Dartmouth College in New Hampshire awarded $607,990.00 for research of Adaptive Mate Coice Driven By Sexual Conflict in Brown Anole Lizards. Which involves the study of contrast in the roles of natural selection and sexual selection in shaping both mate choice and male body size.

Just these 5 studies cost the American People a total of $2,096,959.00!

We could house and feed 300 Homeless Veterans for 18 months, for less then the cost of these 5 studies!

The Telstar Apartment complex in Dallas,Texas purchase price $1,250,000.
There are 100 units in this complex, 50 – 1 bd. 1 ba. and 50 – 2 bd. 1 ba. These units can be fully furnished with the kitchens stocked with nutritious meals and a set of bunk beds in each bedroom. Veterans are accustomed to military life, a most of them miss it. This will make the transition from homelessness easier. There are also 11,000 new jobs in the area that is within walking distance. Close to downtown Dallas and public transportation. Only 9.5 miles the VA Medical Center and Veterans Administration office.

How can we allow so many homeless Veterans like these to suffer in the streets of our country?

There’s no reason why we should. As you can see above, it is a simple fix.

30% of all homeless people die from the winter elements. Death of a veteran should not happen!

There are 57,849 Homeless Veterans right now.According to those statistics, that means
17,355 Veterans will die this winter.Now is the time to help our Veterans. Fall is here and winter is just around the corner. Let’s work together to Save The Lives Of Our Veterans!

The Veterans Administration has already run out of housing vouchures!
Since 2008 the VA has issued 10,000 Housing Coice Vouchures a year, for a total of 58,155 vouchures, as of December 31, 2013. By July 18, 2014, when Lonnie Whitfield went to the VA to apply for one of these HUD-VASH Housing Choice Vouchures, he was told that they cannot help him because they were already out of vouchures. Lonnie is now living in his car. There are thousands more Veterans like Lonnie, but the majority of them do not even have a car to live in.

It’s a sad state of the union when our Veterans are begging in the streets for our help because the Our Government Won’t Help Them!

All they have to do is stop all this frivolous spending on research that doesn’t save lives.

Instead, they prefer to spend the money that we give them on stupid things, mentioned above.

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