Veterans – The US Government’s Disposable Humans

Jack has been homeless for 3 years.

Jack has been homeless for 3 years.These disposable humans once served our country in the military, known as Veterans. After serving our country, many do not qualify for VA benefits and the ones that do qualify only receive medical care from the VA Medical Centers that are 20 year old procedures. As our world continues to move forward, our Veterans Administration has been at a dead standstill since the mid 1990’s.

Alternative medicine has been around for more than 4000 years. Our ancestors used alternative medicine to cure bacterial and fungal infections, autoimmune diseases, inflammatory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, degenerative bone diseases, arthritis and much more. Billions of people have used Alternative medicine successfully for thousands of years.

Michael is a Veteran that suffers from debilitating degenerative disc disease in his lower back. Watch Michael’s reaction after just 1 prolozone treatment. This is what alternative and regenerative medicine can do for all our Veterans.

Regenerative medicine was first introduced in 1992 by Leland Kaiser. Regenerative medicine has evolved to the point of biological 3D printing of human tissue and organs. This technological medical breakthrough is now saving lives at an enormous rate. Allowing people to live much longer lives with almost no pain or aging issues.

3D printed heart made with human cells
3D printed heart made with human cells

The VA does not allow Alternative medicine and only uses Regenerative medicine in warzone areas. The VA prefers to keep our Veterans on harmful pharmaceutical drugs. The newest technologically advanced medical procedures aren’t even considered at the VA and many VA doctors say these procedures are scams and don’t work. The reason the VA doctors believe that these medical procedures don’t work is because they have not been trained in Alternative or Regenerative medicine. They are stuck in the old fashioned traditional medicine mode. Even though these medical procedures have saved billions of lives with almost no side effects.

Veterans are suffering from debilitating pain and then death. The VA will not refer these Veterans to go outside the system. If a Veteran were to be referred out of the VA system, the VA would have to pay for the medical care. But Alternative, Regenerative, Integrative and Technologically Advanced Medical procedures are not on the VA’s list of allowable procedures for referral. These VA doctors are telling our Veterans “There’s nothing else I can do!” Then they send these Veterans home to live their painful crippled lives with No Hope! Our Veterans have been pushed aside and thrown away, they are the US Government’s Disposable Humans!

Disabled Homeless Veteran ignored by people while snow coves him!
Disabled Homeless Veteran in NY ignored by people while snow covers him!

There’s only 1 segment of the US population where 94.5% of the people are suffering. That 1 segment is our Veterans. Here are the statistics…

There are 24,000,000 Veterans

9,434,513   Unemployed

2,900,000  Injured since 9/11

1,200,000  Have No VA Benefits

7,700,000  Have PTSD

1,400,000  Have TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury)

46,000  Homeless

22,680,513 Veterans suffering…94.5%

The definition of disposable is… Used until no longer useful and then thrown away.

This is exactly what our Veterans are experiencing. Our government used them extensively in the military. Then when they come home, our government kicks them to the curb like a used up soda can. They do not care that they are human beings. Our Veterans out lived their usefulness as far as the government is concerned.

Have you ever experienced a time in your life when you felt like you had no control over your situation? You know that feeling of despair? Loss of all hope? 94.5% of all Veterans are experiencing this today! Our government makes no effort to alleviate their despair. The Veterans are simply government resources to be used up and thrown away, as though they were a commodity that’s all used up!

Over 46,000 homeless Veterans continue to struggle in the streets and every Veteran is exposed to an atmosphere of highly bacterial and infectious diseases. Not to mention the predator’s that prey on the weak.

The HUD-VASH vouchers for homeless Veterans to acquire housing only allocated 2,000 vouchers in 2015 and 2,000 vouchers in 2016. Only helping 4,000 homeless Veterans in 2 years. 30% of all homeless people die every year. That means 13,800 homeless Veterans will die this year. That works out to 38 homeless Veteran deaths every day. 1 homeless Veteran dies every 38 minutes. More proof that our Veterans are the governments disposable humans, literally kicked to the curb, left to die in the unsanitary hostile conditions of homelessness.

The American people have always been caring and compassionate. We’ll give you the food in our hands and the shirt off our backs if you need it. Now we are the only one’s that are SavingOurVets from a life of suffering and an early death. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization serving our Veterans.

Presently we only have enough funds for our emergency Survival Pack program #vetssurvivalpacks . Which includes a heavy wool wet/dry blanket, warm hat, subzero gloves and a $65 Walmart Gift Card for 30 days of food. This is a temporary fix and only helps a few. It is necessary that we find the funds to build “The Barracks” transitional housing complex and implement all of our programs in order to help hundreds of Veterans at a time.

Another homeless Veteran in Marshall, TX
Another homeless Veteran in Marshall, TX

We have designed a uniquely personalized barracks style complex, which we named “The Barracks”. Within our designer complex, the main building is a barracks style transitional housing facility for homeless Veterans. During the induction period each Veteran will go through a medical evaluation including blood test for infectious diseases and more. After initial induction each Veteran will begin training and education for a new career.

Within the complex is a centralized mess hall style kitchen and dining room to feed all participants in the complex, serving 3 meals a day.

During the training process each Veteran will be eligible to receive medical treatments to achieve optimal health. A healthy well trained Veteran is an employable Veteran.

As each Veteran shows the will and determination to change their current situation, the Veteran will be moved to our temporary housing building which is located in the same complex.

Upon completion of training, education, medical treatments and acquiring a job in their new field, we will assist each Veteran with permanent housing.

Larry is a homeless Veteran in Marshall, TX…he wants to Thank You for his survival pack!

Join us in the fight to eliminate the suffering of our Veterans. Donate today to make a difference!

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