Volunteer to feed our hungry Veterans

Group of volunteers putting food in donation box
Volunteer to collect food and pack up boxes of food, blankets, clothing and toiletries for Veterans and their families. Over 400,000 Veterans are struggling to feed their families. Many days throughout the month, the Veteran and their spouse will feed their children but they will go without food! Because there just isn’t enough. This is not healthy! No Veteran or their families should ever go hungry. These Veterans and their families are at risk-of-homelessness, due to high rent and low income. Volunteer to help us pack up the boxes that alleviates their hunger.
People Sitting At Table Eating Food In Homeless Shelter
Volunteer to prepare and serve nutritious meals to our homeless Veterans. It is necessary, when living on the streets, to receive nutritious meals and water in order for the homeless Veteran to stay warm in the winter, cool in the summer and fight off  disease. Sanitation is a major culprit of disease and deaths of our homeless Veterans. There is no place to wash their hands, let alone their bodies until we are able to place them in “The Barracks”. Therefore, we supply a small bottle of hand sanitizer to every homeless Veteran. Volunteer to help us fight hunger among our homeless Veterans.
young and diverse volunteer group with clothing donation
Volunteer to collect and transport food, clothing, blankets and toiletries from food and clothing drives throughout various areas of the city. Volunteers pack boxes and hand out food, clothing, blankets, toiletries and hand sanitizer. The homeless Veteran’s clothing gets dirty and tattered from the elements of the streets. They have no place to bath, let alone wash their hands. Our Veterans receive a care package for their hunger, thirst, warmth and hygiene. Volunteer to collect and distribute donations to Veterans and their families.

Volunteer to build homes for Veterans

Adult male worker installing laminate floor,  floating wood tile
Volunteer to help our crews renovate warehouses, motels or build from the ground up “The Barracks”, our transitional housing. Utilizing all space to accommodate up to 100 homeless Veterans. Equipped with a large kitchen to prepare meals, dining, entertainment and recreational areas. Including an area for online classes or studying, employment training, resume writing, submit applications and building interview skills. By feeding and housing our homeless Veterans while they begin their retraining process, we are giving them the opportunity to acquire the skills to create a solid foundation for their futures.  The 1st step to eliminating Veterans homelessness begins with “The Barracks” our transitional housing . Volunteer Today!
Layout and installation of roof rafters on a new commercial residential construciton project by framing contactors
Volunteer to help us build homes for our homeless Veterans. While the Veterans are on the road to recovery through “The Barracks”. We renovate or build homes to permanently house them. First we renovate or build the home. The second part of the process is to install all appliances, furniture, and entertainment system. As well as, stock the homes with linens, toiletries, cookware, utensils, cleaning supplies and food. We believe that every Veteran and their families deserve to have a roof over their heads. A bed to sleep in. A shower to bath in. A kitchen stocked with food to cook in. Table to eat at. A coach to relax on. And a TV to watch. Through “The Barracks” and our permanent housing services, we are giving Veterans back their lives. Volunteer Today!
little girl holding american flag badge in front of parents
Homeless Veterans that have been in “The Barracks” or Family Quarters, and have taken the steps to improve their lives, are receiving fully furnished Permanent Housing. Each home is equipped with cooking and eating utensils, dishes and fully stocked with food, cleaning products, linen and toiletries. Our Crews, Partners and Volunteers show up to the Veterans Home Presentation. To experience the absolute happiness each Veteran and their families express when accepting their home. Their happiness is bountiful and they show their pride. All the hard work and dedication that we put into feeding and housing our hungry homeless Veterans, brings about many emotional heartfelt moments. Watch the transition with your own eyes. Volunteer Today!

Volunteer to Transport a Veteran

Cheerful businessman sitting in a car
Many of our Veterans do not have transportation. Often times Veterans are unable to make it to their job, doctors appointments, job training classes or even the grocery store. This creates more jobless, hungry and sick Veterans. Which also creates more homeless Veterans. Show a Veteran you care. Volunteer to transport a Veteran to where they need to go, in order to make their lives better.
Attractive young couple saying goodbye before driving away in their car
Volunteering to transport a Veteran to his job, doctors appointment, job training class, grocery store or even the Veteran and his dog to the Veterinarian, can be very rewarding. Getting to know the Veteran along the way is just one of the perks. Many Veterans live alone. Their only companion is their dog. You will find that they thrive when met with human compassion. It is very fulfilling to see that your assistance was greatly needed and overwhelmingly welcome.
Michael's doctors appointment Ozone
To watch a Veteran in excruciating pain, hunched over slowly hobble into the medical office to receive his treatment. Then watch him walk out like a normal human being. Walking upright with a spring in his step, pain free and a huge smile on his face. These heartfelt moments of joy bring great happiness to the heart, not just for the Veteran but for the Volunteer as well. Transport a Veteran and watch the transformation with your own eyes. Volunteer today!