About Saving Our Vets


Cheryl Jones


My experiences as a 3rd generation Veteran’s care giver have brought about a great passion to help thousands of Veterans, rather than a few. With 47,725 Veterans homeless across our country and 1.4 million Veterans at risk-of-homelessness, due to low wages, lack of employment, support and/or substandard housing. Our Veterans need us now more than ever.

Jeremy Jones


As the son of a Vietnam Veteran, I have experienced some of his pain. Although, I could never fully understand, unless I stepped into his boots. I am a 4th generation Veterans Care Giver. We are working in the largest most populated areas, where there are high numbers of homeless veterans, giving us the opportunity to make a much larger impact on the fight against Veterans homelessness.
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Jacob Jones


As the son of a Vietnam Veteran, I have also experienced some of his pain. Yet, I knew that I could never fully understand. Now I too am a 4th generation Veterans Care Giver. Veteran’s migrate to the south because of warm weather. 52% of all homeless Veterans are in 12 southern states. Working in these states gives us the opportunity to make a huge impact on Veterans homelessness.

Michael Pakech

Director of Planning, Development and Training

As a Veteran myself, I too have been homeless. As well as, an injured Veteran that the VA could not fix, according to their specialist. Saving Our Vets has helped me get the Life-Saving curative treatments that I needed. These treatments have given me my life back! I have been a General Contractor for over 40 years. It means the world to me to build homes for our homeless Veterans.
The American Homeless Families Foundation, SavingOurVets.org is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that works diligently to house and educate Veterans. While we bring new breakthroughs in Alternative and Regenerative medicine to heal our Veterans. Our passion drives us from the streets of our great country to the colleges, doctors and homes on our mission to “Leave No Veteran Behind”.

The story behind the American Homeless Families Foundation…

I am Cheryl Jones, Founder of the American Homeless Families Foundation. My grandmother, Matilda Kennedy, was a Veterans Care Giver for over 20 Veterans at a time, for several decades in Marion, IN. My mother, Ellen Barker, was also a Veteran Care Giver for a few years.

As a young adult, I married Kevin Jones, a Vietnam Veteran. We were married for over 34 years. Kevin suffered from PTSD for over 30 years. The doctor’s misdiagnosed his illness as being “Bipolar”. As Kevin suffered from PTSD, our family suffered as well. Due to violent rages and flashbacks.

Kevin and I started this foundation together, less than 3 months before he passed away. To help All the homeless Veterans and their families. As well as, All the Veterans that suffer from PTSD, TBI and other medical problems.
It is our responsibility to care for our Most Noble and Courageous fellow citizens…our Veterans and Military Service Members.
We are fighting the battle for our Veterans here at home.
Our mission
“Leave No Veteran Behind!”