Food for Veterans

Portrait Of Kitchen Staff In Homeless Shelter
Our Volunteers prepare and serve nutritious meals to our homeless Veterans in set locations. There is a high risk of serious illness and/or death while living on the streets. Daily nutritious meals are vital to a homeless Veteran’s survival while on the streets. Food and water are the necessities of life. 30% of all homeless people die from starvation and weather conditions every year. We encourage our Volunteers to reach out to the homeless Veterans.

Our Volunteers prepare and hand out sack lunches and water to Veterans that cannot travel so far. We search the streets for hungry Veterans. Food and water is essential to their health and survival of the tragedies of living on the streets. Some Veterans have a dog. We also give the Veteran a sack lunch of dog food and water for their companion. The companion’s health is also vital to the Veterans mental health.
DETROIT, MI - JULY 6: Homeless veteran pauses as he begs for money in Detroit, MI on July 6, 2014
Our Volunteers collect food and water from food drives, grocery stores, restaurants, and churches. Then they pack boxes full of food and water to distribute to Veterans and their families. Hundreds of thousands of Veterans are struggling to feed their families, due to high rent and low income. We supply food for their hunger and water for their thirst.