Housing Partners

empty warehouse
We can work with cities, counties, states, companies and property owners to utilize old motels, warehouses, stores and apartment buildings that are sitting empty throughout our great nation. Do not let these structures sit and deteriorate. Through utilization of these empty properties we can end Veterans homelessness. These structures are renovated which can get homeless Veterans off the streets. Our Building Crews have extensive experience in renovating large structures. Your donation of property are a tax deductible donation. Please send an email to   info@savingourvets.org
Abandoned House for Sale or Lease
We are willing to work with banks, mortgage companies, corporations, cities, counties and property owners that have abandoned or foreclosed homes that are empty. Permanent Housing is the key factor in creating a solid foundation for our homeless Veterans future. Our Building Crews are ready to renovate these homes. Donating abandoned or foreclosed homes are a tax deductible donation. If you have a home or land near a large metropolitan area and you want to donate it to help Veterans, Please send an email to   info@savingourvets.org.

Nicely furnished living room with entryway red door, hardwood floor and beige walls.
We work with building suppliers, appliance and furniture companies, retail stores, discount stores and other companies for materials, appliances, furniture, linen, kitchen utensils, small appliances and toiletries to keep costs low. We require all our homes to be completely move in ready. We believe every Veteran and their family should have a solid roof over their heads, a shower to bath in, a bed to sleep in, a kitchen to cook in, a table to eat at and a sofa to relax on. Fully equipped with food, toiletries and linen. Your donations of these items are tax deductible. Please send an email to   info@savingourvets.org