Medical Support for Veterans

Male Patient And Doctor Have Consultation In Hospital Room
Thousands of Veterans have injuries that the VA have not addressed. Numerous Veterans have debilitating diseases. Also making it impossible for these Veterans to get and hold onto a job. The VA Disability Claims office still has a back log of claims with more than a year wait time. With no job, waiting for Disability, and no family or our government supporting them, caused a tremendous amount of homeless Veterans. Most Veterans want to work and be productive. Our Medical Support for Veterans are healing many of our injured and sick Veterans. Making it possible for them to get work and hold onto their jobs because they are now physically capable of performing their job duties. As well as, function in daily life. With the help of our Medical Support, healthy productive Veterans create stability. Don’t let the Veterans Administration fool you, the VA doctors are simply… “Health Monitors”.

Dr. Carolyn Kochert is one of many Regenerative Medical Therapy Professionals. Specializing in Regenerative Medical Treatments such as Prolotherapy, A2M, Stem Cell Therapy, PTSD Therapy, PRP and more. Regenerative Medicine is the “process of replacing, engineering or regenerating human cells, tissues or organs to restore or establish normal function.” Regenerative Medical Therapies are non-invasive non-surgical treatments.  For example: One of our Veterans received A2M and Stem Cell Therapy from Dr. Kochert for a non-functional left arm after a VA Medical Specialist told him “The damage is too extensive! There’s nothing we an do to give you your arm back!” That Veteran now has 50% function of his arm and getting better every day. With 6 months left of the healing process after A2M and Stem Cell Therapy. This shows the possibility of 100% functionality of that arm.
Martha Elizabeth (Beth) Ledda, ACNP-BC is another one of the many Regenerative Medical Professionals. Certified by Dr. Frank Shallenberger, the pioneer of Medical Ozone Therapies. Beth Ledda specializes in Ozone and Prolozone Therapies. These therapies have a very favorable effect on auto-immune diseases, cancer, arthritis, infectious diseases, inflammatory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, chronic and acute pain. Ozone and Prolozone Therapies are entirely safe, completely non-toxic and inexpensive. For example: One of our Veterans hunched over and slowly hobbled into Beth’s office with debilitating pain in his neck and lower spine. Caused by herniated and bulging discs in the cervical and lumbar spine. That Veteran was standing up straight when he walked out of her office pain free with tears of joy. He said “I had no idea that I could feel so good after 11 years of acute pain! Beth gave me my life back!”