US Veteran’s Healthcare vs Politicians Sticky Fingers

The big pharmaceutical companies have had a strong hold on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Veterans Affair (VA) for decade now. These big pharma companies cannot patent natural ingredients and fight all regenerative and alternative medical treatments. Why? Because they cannot make Trillions of dollars with low cost products. In their business the requirement is to drive all prices up in order to increase their profits. That’s right! It’s not about your health or anyone else’s for that matter. It’s about how heavy they can make their own pockets. The FDA is funded by the Pharmaceutical Companies, and the VA is one of their biggest customers. The opioid crisis has been an ongoing problem at the VA for decades. VA doctors handed them out like candy until the VA scandal of 2014 hit the headlines and opened everyone’s eyes to the abuses that our Veterans have been enduring at the VA. Even after the scandal broke, things haven’t changed much…

VA in 1972
Durham VA in 2017
Utah VA in 2018

Even though Pres. Donald Trump is trying his best to help all Veterans, he will not succeed in this endeavor due to the completely broken Veteran’s Administration. VA doctor’s skills are over 20 years behind times. VA doctor’s have not been trained in regenerative or alternative medicine. Therefore, without training in the newest most effective medical treatments, they are not capable of giving Veterans the proper care that they need. Most of these doctors don’t even have a medical license in the USA because the VA doesn’t require it.

The only way that the Veterans will get the proper healthcare is to Shut Down All VA Medical Centers, sell off all equipment, furnishings, supplies, ect. and pay for Veterans to go to their local physicians and hospitals. Not only would the cost of operating each VAMC be eliminated but the sell off of each VAMC will acquire 100’s of billions, if not trillions, to pay for the best healthcare any Veteran has ever received. Pres. Trump should consider this option.

Many Veterans have refinanced their homes to get Regenerative Treatments. Other Veterans must save up for years to get their treatments. For example, a Vietnam Marine Veteran, lost use of his left arm (He’s left handed) due to a bone spur on his rotator cuff in 2011. Just before Christmas the specialist in Durham VAMC told him that the VA could not do anything to give him his arm back. This Veteran saved for 2 1/2 years to get a stem cell treatment on his shoulder. It cost him $11,500 out of his own pocket. The VA does not pay for Regenerative or Alternative medical treatments. He traveled from North Carolina to Indiana for his treatment. Of course, he had to pay for that too. Now he has 60% use of that arm. He’s saving again to get his final treatment in order to get full use of his arm again.

This Veteran’s final stem cell treatment will cost $7,500. You can help him get this treatment by making a donation…

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Regenerative medicine is a branch of translational research in tissue engineering and molecular biology which deals with the “process of replacing, engineering or regenerating human cells, tissues or organs to restore or establish normal function”. Wikipedia

If you are looking for a Stem Cell doctor in your area you can go to Dr. Axe’s link on this page for more info

Top 50 functional and integrative medical doctors

Michael is a Marine Veteran from South Carolina that has suffered with debilitating neck and back pain for 11 years. The VA diagnosed Michael with Degenerative Disc Disease of the Cervical and Lumbar Spine in 2005. The VA has never addressed the root cause of Michael’s acute pain, they are simply running tests and watching the progression of the disease.” VA ” simply…”Health Monitors!” set up an appointment with Beth Ledda, a Regenerative Medical Professional specializing in Ozone Therapies. Michael was the perfect candidate for Prolozone Therapy. Michael was hunched over in agonizing pain, while slowly hobbling into the Integrative Healthcare Solutions office. Beth Ledda performed Prolozone Therapy on Michael’s neck and lower back. The Prolozone Therapy immediately eliminated all of Michael’s pain after 11 years of constant debilitating pain. When Michael left Beth’s office, he was walking upright with a spring in his step and a huge smile of his face. Michael said “I had no idea I could feel so good after 11 years of pain! Beth gave me my life back!”

Watch the video to see Michael’s emotional reaction to curative Prolozone Therapy!

   Michael also received ozone treatments for an aggressive Prostate Cancer. Michael proudly announced today that his prostate is back to normal again…the CANCER IS GONE!!!

Click here for a worldwide list of Ozone Doctors

   Now I ask you…why are Regenerative and Alternative treatments not covered under healthcare plans or performed at the VAMC’s? Is it because some of these treatments actually cure diseases and the big pharma companies cannot make money when people are cured? Of course it is!

   Veterans with PTSD are now looking towards cannabis to treat this mental health condition. A 2009 clinical trial in Canada showed that the nighttime administration of THC reduced the frequency and intensity of nightmares in 72 percent of the 47 patients studied. For more information click on this link.


Veterans push congress to legalize cannabis treatments!

   As we can see, there are many different treatments that can dramatically increase Veterans health. But the VA will not pay for these types of treatments.

The U.S. Conference of Mayors adopted two measures this week to ask lawmakers to remove cannabis from the federal schedule of prohibited drugs, as well to call on local governments to expunge low-level cannabis offenses. The resolution also requests legislative guidance to protect both state-legal medical marijuana programs as well as financial institutions willing to serve the cannabis industry from federal interference. The mayors also demanded that veterans be allowed greater access to medical cannabis.

It’s up to people like you and I to help Veterans get the treatments they need. If every person that makes a comment below gives $5…we can help hundred’s of Veterans get treatments that can cure their medical issues.


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More info

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Veterans demand cannabis for PTSD

Stem Cell miracle

Ozone miracle

List of Ozone Doctors Worldwide

In order for me to continue writing these blogs and helping Veterans…I must ask that you donate Today to help the cause. I can’t do it without you! Click the link below…even $5 helps!



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